Sun Prairie Ice Arena Update – April 2, 2020

April 2, 2020

By Betsy spice

Although the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent Safer at Home initiative has halted Sun Prairie Ice Arena programming, the mission of the ice arena remains unaltered: to provide a safe environment in which to enjoy skating and the game of hockey.
The timeline for returning to the activities that we hold dear remains uncertain. Subsequently, answers to questions regarding how suspended programs, games, and other activities will be rescheduled or credited are not available. Our Board of Directors and staff continue to meet via teleconference to minimize our expenditures and plan for our future. We have shut down non-essential systems, turned up ice temperatures as far as we can and are continuing maintenance on essential systems and equipment. We will be ready for operation as soon as it is determined safe to do so.

We will continue to adhere to directives from local, state and federal authorities as we move through the unchartered waters of this pandemic. We understand the anxiety and stress that accompanies the unknown, and we will continue to communicate as information becomes available.

Stay healthy and be well!

Dave Batterman

President – Sun Prairie Ice, Inc.

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