Adult Tournament Information

OBHL C Tournament

Spring will be here soon and you know what they say about April showers?! They bring May C League tournaments!!! 

Join us on May 4th and 5th for a weekend of fun tournament hockey. If you’ve never participated in one before, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss. 

The experience of the tournament involves being assigned to a team that shares a locker room all weekend long, participating in a skills and drills competition, and a championship game on Sunday. If the weather is warm, we’ll try and include some fun activities outside for in between games. 

Now for some more specific details:

The OBHL C League Tournament will be a two day hockey tournament taking place on May 4th and 5th. Registration cost is $75.


Like tournaments in the past, each team will play 4 to 5 games with a championship game played on Sunday. Teams are made up through a combination of GM players hand picking five skaters and then drafting the rest of their team. Registration will close April 24th.

Once we have drafted teams, a schedule will be made up and sent out to all of the teams. Teams will be assigned locker rooms where players can keep their gear throughout the entire tournament as well as overnight if desired. The locker rooms will be locked overnight to keep gear safe. Teams will be assigned colors and jerseys just like we do for the regular season so no need to worry about bringing a 
light and dark jersey. 

Game format is two 20 minute periods with a 2 minute intermission. Goalies will swap nets and teams will
continue skating the same direction. 

Points for the tournament are broken down thusly:
3 points for a game win
1 point for each team for a game tie
1 point for winning the period (more goals scored than the other team in a single period)
.5 points for tying the period
1 point for each period a team goes without a penalty.

D League Tournament **THIS HAS CHANGED TO: April 27-28**

The OBHL D tournament will follow the same set up as the OBHL C tournament.


Season 14 of the Core Skills Clinic is now full. Sometimes spots become available if skaters need to drop out mid-season. In those cases we fill those spots from our wait list. If you’d like to get added to the wait list you can do so by submitting your request here. 

OBHL (Old Buzzard Hockey League)

Adult Hockey League that has 3 Divisions (B, C and D divisions) , and has 3 seasons per year; Summer (May/June – Aug), Fall (September – Dec/Jan), and Spring (January – April/May).


Adult Hockey League just for women. Multiple teams for different skill levels.

Adult Pick Up Hockey

Sessions for adults (18 years and older) that can sign up and play a pick up game without being in a league.

40 &  Older Pick Up Hockey

Sessions for players 40 years old and older.