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OBHL Self-Rating Overview

Adult Hockey Skills Rating

  • Level 1: This player is new to the world of hockey. There may be some skating experience, but there has never been any formal coaching/training. Most, if not all of the basic hockey skills (skating, shooting, passing and stick handling) are still raw and are still a point of emphasis in their development as a player. A Level 1 player typically has been playing hockey between 0-5 years. It is required that Level 1 players play in D League
  • Level 2: This player has made improvements in their fundamentals, but still has more to grow. More advanced skating techniques are being used and the player is becoming more comfortable on the ice and as a player. Their hockey knowledge is growing, and they find themselves “making the right play” more often. A Level 2 player typically has been playing for 2-6 years. It is recommended that Level 2 players play D League, but they may sign up for C League if they are looking for a more challenging skate.
  • Level 3: This player falls under two categories. The first is a player who had prior experience in their youth playing hockey but are just getting back to the sport after a long break. The second is a player who picked up hockey in their adult life and are making great improvements to their game. They have a much firmer grasp of the fundamentals, but more difficult concepts are still developing. A Level 3 player typically has 4-8 years of experience. It is recommended that Level 3 players play in C League but may play D League as a mentor*.
  • Level 4: This player is an experienced adult league player. They had played Hockey at a high school level in the past and have been playing adult league for numerous years. A Level 4 player typically has at least 10 years’ experience. It is recommended that Level 4 players play B or C League but may play D League as a mentor* if they are over 45 years old.
  • Level 5: This player is an advanced level adult player. They have a strong grasp of the game and have played at a high level such as ACHA or Tier III junior/equivalents. It is required that Level 5 players play B League but may play D League as a mentor* if they are over 45 years old.
  • Level 6: This player has played hockey at an elite level. This includes NCAA hockey, Tier II & higher, and all levels of hockey higher that listed. It is required the Level 6 players play B League but may play D League as a mentor* if they are over 45 years old.

OBHL Mentor Rules and Obligations

D League is designed to offer a hockey experience to those of a beginner level skill set. We believe that mentors are necessary to help other players grow and help keep the game more organized for that are inexperienced. A Mentor also needs to limit their skill to ensure that these new players do not get frustrated playing against those who have a higher skill level. A Mentor must:

  • Facilitate for their teammates and pass often.
  • Only score when their team is losing by 2 or more goals.
  • Not possess the puck for extended periods of time (coast to coast).
  • Allow plays to develop and play soft defense.
  • Not make up more than half of a team’s total players.

Failure to abide by the expectations of a Mentor will result in the movement from D League to an appropriate league.


Gary Eddy

Adult Hockey Director

Contact Gary at hockey@sunprairieice.com

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A-Division (FUTURE?)

If you are interested in joining a future “A-level” division of the OBHL at the Sun Prairie Ice Arena, please contact Jeff Holman via email or phone.