The Winter 23/Spring 24 session of Core Skills is now full. It’s not uncommon for spots to become available mid-season. If you’d like to get on the wait list to be contacted if/when those spots become available, please fill out and submit this form:

Core Skills Clinic Season 15 Wait List Request

Season 14 of the Core Skills Clinic is set to begin on Sunday, July 30. Click here for the full season schedule.

Season 14 of the Core Skills Clinic is now full. Sometimes spots become available if skaters need to drop out mid-season. In those cases we fill those spots from our wait list. If you’d like to get added to the wait list you can do so by submitting your request here.



The OBHL Core Skills Clinic (CSC) is a 20-session clinic, run twice per year for beginner to lower-level intermediate adult skaters, where coaches Matt Ralph and Jake Ruesch go over the fundamentals of the great game of hockey. Coach Matt and Coach Jake bring a combined total of 40+ years of competitive playing experience worth of knowledge to share with their CSC players. Matt, being a lifelong defensemen offers deep insight into the defensive position and Jake being a lifelong forward offers the same for those with the itch for offense.

About the Core Skills Clinic

The OBHL Core Skills Clinic is for beginner to lower-level intermediate adult skaters. The coaches reserve the right to remove any player from the group if they deem he/she is not a good fit for the group. This is a session for people to learn and grow with players of similar skill, not for better players to show up and flex on people that are of lesser skill than them.

Core skills that will be covered throughout the season are:

  • Basic Rules (Offsides / Icing Penalties / etc.)
  • General Strategies
  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Stick Handling
  • Skating (Forward / Backward / Transitions / Crossovers) 
  • Offensive / Defensive / Neutral Zone Play and Systems
  • Forward-Specific and Defense-Specific Strategies
  • Powerplay / Penalty Kill
  • Faceoffs
  • and more…

The Hammersnow Cup

The last session of the season is where you get to put all your hard work and new tools to work where you, and your designated team will compete for the Legendary Hammersnow Cup of Eternal Glory. There will be refs, scorekeepers, announcers, an MVP trophy, and custom team jerseys.

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