We fall, we get back up again and battle. Hockey is a physical sport. Body contact and falls will happen!

Would you like to join our club?

Points of interest

  • All players are required to be registered with USA Hockey.
  • We play a no-check game of hockey, but it is a physical sport and contact will happen.
  • Most of our players did not play organized hockey as kids. Many us have started as adults in their 20’s, 30’s, and even 40’s or older (The oldest player in our league is in her 70’s).
  • Ice slots are 1-hour, for practices and games. It is suggested to arrive 30-minutes before scheduled time to get geared up. Our club tries to get a 3-hour block for home games for all three teams.
  • We practice once a week, usually Wednesday evenings. We currently have coaches for all three teams. They run great practices and offer great advice on the bench during games.
  • One to two games are scheduled on weekends. We travel to other rinks in Wisconsin and Illinois. Madison, Milwaukee, Rockford, Janesville, Fon du Lac, Green Bay, and sometimes the Chicago area. We will sometimes form a tournament team for tournament play.
  • Our season is October to March (Practice starting a few weeks before games). Our season is approximately 15-20 games. With around 10-14 league games, and 5-6 exhibition games. More if we attend a tournament.
  • Gear doesn’t have to be new, Play It Again Sports is a great option. Some current players can be your mentor, and we will help you find what you need.
  • Dues are determined at the beginning of each season after roster numbers are set. Dues are for ice fees, ref fees, and league fees.


Contact Dottie or Vivian for information on Rage Hockey.

We hope to hear from you, and see you on the ice! New to hockey? Become a practice player to gain skills before joining in game action.

No Check, but contact WILL happen.
Photo Credit: Vladimir Brik (Green Team)

No Check, but contact WILL happen.

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About the WCHL

The Women’s Central Hockey League (WCHL) is an 18+ recreational ice hockey league dedicated to encouraging women – regardless of talent or experience – to participate in travel women’s hockey. We really are a recreational league. Truly. While many of us would love to play collegiate hockey or in the NWHL or CWHL we are not a venue for you to be recruited by any of those teams (We know several NCAA coaches, they are not coming to games or looking at our stats to see who the next recruit will be. They might join our Division 1 for fun, but that is it.) More commonly known as the WCHL, the league has grown to include over 40 member teams from Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri and Indiana. The league is comprised of adult women’s recreational teams. There are a handful of collegiate teams that participate in Divisions 1 – 7 based upon the structure of their team. The season begins in late September and runs though the end of March at playoffs. All games, must be concluded two weeks prior to playoffs. If you need to schedule a make-up game it can be scheduled that second weekend before playoffs if you request an exemption from the Board. The league contains seven divisions in two conferences, the North and the South. Teams are divided by approximate skill level. Division 1 typically is for former collegiate players. Division 7 is for people that have never skated or never played hockey or both of those things.

D1 – Advanced

– former or current collegiate NCAA Division I – III, club players or those with formal hockey training of 10+ years

D2 – Lower Advanced

– Former high school, collegiate club players or those with formal hockey training of 8+ years

D3 – High intermediate

– former high school or long time adult players or those with formal hockey training of U14

D4 – Intermediate

– little to no high school experience but wow they can skate with a puck and lift with ease, may have hockey up to U12

D5 – Low intermediate

– Hey, they can carry the puck, look up and pass, skate backwards, lift the puck for a shot about half the time may have had formal hockey training up to U8

D6 – Beginner/Novice

Wow, you can totally hockey stop now, you can even send a tape-to-tape pass on occasion. You can transition from front to back without falling, mostly.

D7 – Beginner

How do I tie these skates? Which way do I face when we get on the ice? Why did I wait so long to try this insanely awesome sport?