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B-Division Rules

B-Division Contacts



B league commissioner



OBHL-B Division Registration Contact



OBHL B-Division Goalie Coordinator



Arena Manager

Phone: 608-318-5423 (office)

*Please note, these ratings apply to the OBHL B-League Division only and do not reflect the rating systems used by other divisions.

Rating Highest Level of Play Considerations
1 Beginner – No Experience Please register with D league
2 Please register with C league
3 Played pond hockey as a kid Please register with C league
4 Men’s/Beer Leagues Lower Level
5 Men’s/Beer Leagues Intermediate
6 Men’s/Beer Leagues Advanced
8 Intermediate High School or College Club
9 Advanced High School or College Club Please adjust your play to the level of the league
10 College or Juniors Experience Please adjust your play to the level of the league

Division Registration Details

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Summer 2014

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Winter 2013-2014

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